To the extent any individual who knows me through my working life is concerned, my name is Valentina. That isn't the name my dear loved ones know me as, however. I consider it a phase name. I have two degrees from Moscow College (English and Science – yes I realize it is a peculiar blend, yet I once contemplated working in pharmaceuticals) and an IQ of 143. I work out around two hours every day, I don't drink much and I never take drugs – however I may put on a show to now and again! I got into this calling on the suggestion of an understudy companion who made a trip to the Mediterranean each mid year while we were at college and I didn't see how she returned with such a great amount of cash and in addition the tan.

I travel where I need and I work where I need. I set my own costs. I choose what I will and won't do with customers. I choose which customers I will and won't see. When I am in Madrid I function as one of the highest earning escorts Madrid can offer to horny men looking for a pretty face, hot body and easy sex.

I engage in sexual relations with men for cash. I additionally eat and drinks with men for cash. I move at dance club with men for cash. I converse with men for cash. I have intercourse with different young ladies for cash. I have intercourse with couples for cash. I participate in blow-outs if my customers need me to and on the off chance that they pay me cash.

I let men take me shopping and get me things for cash. I never given men a chance to get me things as opposed to giving me cash. That is the thing that the doltish young ladies who won't last do.

I dislike the senseless ladies who imagine that a man who engages in sexual relations with them and gives them a satchel or a costly match of shoes will turn into their sweetheart and begin to look all starry eyed at them. I meet a great deal of ladies who are hookers however who don't consider themselves that way. In any case, I do, and I realize their male companions do, on the grounds that a considerable lot of them at that point see me to engage in sexual relations for cash. I am comfortable best of the prostitution business. Furthermore, I am chiefly there in light of the fact that I treat it as a vocation and have no hallucinations.


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